Logo Meeting LiteratureThe aim of the Meeting Literature project is to promote European literature in Pilsen and offer it to a wider public, especially all visitors to the 2015 European Capital of Culture. The idea of the project is collecting books from the whole of Europe, then placing them in coffee houses, bars and other places associated with cultural life in Pilsen. At the same time a map of the city is being produced, showing all these “book corners” so that anyone interested can quickly ascertain where to become acquainted with European literature. The aim of the project is not only to spend time over coffee with a good book but also to encourage people to learn a foreign language. The collections of books in coffee shops are linked to cultural events which since February 2015 have been held every month in the Gallery of the Europa House on the Square of the Republic in Pilsen. Cultural activities are organised in collaboration with cultural and educational institutions in various European countries. The project is the only one of its kind focusing on multilingualism within the framework of Pilsen European Capital of Culture 2015.

Project coordinator – Mgr. Milan Říský


Book collections

Since December 2014 it has been possible to find in various coffee houses and cultural locations in Pilsen collections of books by authors from all over Europe, both in the original and in Czech translation. The collection now contains approximately 900 books in 12 languages. Every cultural institution donated a collection containing at least 50 titles.


  • Kavárna Knihomol
  • Café Regner
  • Nykty’s
  • Pappa Coffee
  • Kavárna Inkognito
  • Měšťanská beseda
  • Kačaba
  • Moving station
  • Plzeň Zastávka
  • DEPO2015
  • Městská plovárna Plzeň
  • Techmania
  • Mezigenerační a dobrovolnické centrum TOTEM

Online map here.

Literary meetings

The project combines book collections in coffee houses with literary meetings in the library. Each meeting is organised in collaboration with a cultural organisation. Now monthly meetings are possible with authors, film shows or scenic readings. The project receives financial support from the charitable trust Plzeň 2015.

Programme in brief

Programme in brief

9/12/2014 Martin Hilsky – Shakespearův Kupec benátský British Council
10/2/2015 Joke Van Leeuwen Delegation of Flanders
19/02/2015 Jitka Jindřišková – Večer současné norské literatury Skandinávský dům
18/3/2015 Blanka Dabonot – Hledání ztracené paměti Alliance Francaise de Plzen
24/3/2015 PhDr. Richard Olehla, Ph.D. – Současná americká literatura  U.S. Embassy / American Centre
9/4/2015 Jedno století v groteskní zkratce Goethe-Institut
14/04/2015 Reiner Neubert – Böhmen liegt am Meer ? Západočeská univerzita – Fakulta pedagogická
5/5/2015 Emmanuel Guibert – Alanova Válka Francouzský institut v Praze
7/5/2015 Kafka v lázních – Kafka auf Kur DAAD
12/5/2015 Paul Colize – Back up Zastoupení Valonsko – Brusel
14/5/2015 Afonso     Cruz – Kokoskova loutka Portugalské Centrum v Praze
11/6/2015 Bogdan Suceavă – S bubnem na zajíce chodil Rumunský Institut
2- 26/06/2015 Gheorghe Stirbu – Někteří a jiní Rumunský Institut
26/9/2015 Special: Meeting Literature meets TransStar Europa Transstar Europa
29/9/2015 Wojciech Bonowicz – Dialogy s mrtvými a živými Polský institut v Praze
15/10/2015 Vea Kaiser – Makarionissi oder Die Insel der Seligen Rakouské kulturní fórum v Praze
22/10/2015 Special: Meeting Literature meets poet|bewegt poet|bewegt
3-30/11/2015 Autopsychografie – Neklid obrazu a slova Portugalské Centrum v Praze
8/12/2015 Literarně laděný závěr sezóny

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