If you are registered user with a valid registration and no debts, we will lend and send you books, sheet music or maps for absent loans until the maximum weight 5 kilograms (if the weight limit is exceeded, you will asked for the next procedure).

The service is provided through Zasilkovna since 8 March 2021. The price depends on the way of delivery and is paid when the pick up (you can pay by a card):

How does it work?

  • Enter your request in the form here – fill in all the mandatory information (your name and surname, reader’s card number, e-mail and mobile phone number). Your email address must be the same as the email address listed in your reader’s account. For readers under the age of 15, a legal representative requests this service.
  • In the “Your ordered signatures” field, state which documents in your account in the “Loan requests” list you are requesting to be sent by the Shipment service in the “ready to borrow” status.
  • Check the desired delivery method:
    – either your delivery address indicated in the reader’s register,
    – or the delivery point of “Zásilkovna”, where you want to pick up the shipment (state your chosen place).
  • After filling out the form, click the SEND button.
  • We will give your email and phone number to Zásilkovna for the delivery confirmation.
  • When sending the requirement, you are agreeing with a handover of your personal details to Zásilkovna (name and surname, phone number, email, information about identification of the delivery in the necessary scope).
  • After a librarian readies your requirement, we will send you a confirmation email.
  • The order is binding. If you do not pick up the delivery, we will enter the price into your reader´s account
  • You may use the service repeatedly to the limit of 30 loans.
  • The due period is the same as for the normal absent loan, that means 30 calender days. The loan is running since we hand over the delivery to Zásilkovna and you can extend it in your reader´s account.
  • Using of another carrier and the delivery abroad is not possible.