Registration, membership card and check-out

To become a member of the library you need a membership card, which is obtainable from the registration and check-out counter in the entrance hall to the library. This card is issued subject to conditions stated in the SVK PK Library Regulations.
Holders of a University of West Bohemia JIS card or Pilsen card issued by the Pilsen Municipal Transport Undertaking may register these cards with the SVK PK as library user cards.

Selection of items

You can order the required documents, with the exception of the documents placed in the free selection of books, online:

In case of problems with online ordering, contact the librarian in charge. If you can only find the required document in the hard-copy catalogues, ask to order it at the rental desk as well.

Ordering, reservation and delivery of items

Ordering items

You can order the required documents online except to the documents placed in the open access section:

  • via the online catalogue at the SVK PK website
  • at self-service stations located in the free study zone and in the open access section

In case of difficulty with ordering online, contact the librarian on duty. If your required item is listed only in the hard-copy catalogue, place your order at the loan registration.

Reserving items

If the required item is temporarily out on loan to another user (including items from the open access section) your order will appear in the system as a reservation valid for two years.
Once an item is available for collection, you will be informed by e-mail. The reserved item will be in the loan register and available for collection for a period of eight days.

Delivery of items

  • from the depository in Bory: items ordered after 1 p.m. will be available by the following morning; items ordered between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. will be available on the same day from 2 p.m.

Issuing and period of loan

Issuing ordered items, period of loan

Items which have been ordered remain available at the loan registration for a period of eight calendar days and the user will search for them according to the initial letter of his surname and user ID. The loan period is usually 30 days, if, in the case of individual types of items, the library regulations do not state otherwise. You will confirm collection of the item with your signature: this will be archived and you will receive a copy. Items in the open access section may not be placed on order; they are intended for direct circulation loan. A loan is realised either at the loan counter, where a form will be printed which you will then sign, or by means of a self-service facility known as Self-check, where you yourself scan the document and receive a receipt as confirmation of the loan. Books are loaned free of charge; the same applies to audio and video items. You may keep a loaned item for a maximum of 90 days (45 days in the case of audio items); then they must be physically returned to the library for a new loan.

Renewal of loans

Prior to the expiry of a loan period you may extend this period online via your user account, or in person after logging in to Self-check, or in person upon presentation of your user card at the loan registration,
or by calling 377 306 919 (in which case you will state the location numbers of the loaned items and the number of your user card). The standard loan period for all users is 30 calendar days with the exception of media items. If an item has not been requested by another library member, the loan may be renewed. The maximum loan period in total is 90 days.

Returning items, loss of or damage to items

Returning items

Return borrowed items, including items from the open bookshelves, via a return machine. At the loan registration return only damaged, incomplete or documents that are not accepted by the return machine.
Items returned or renewed after the return date are subject to a fee for renewal and a fee for sending a reminder, including postal costs. Charges are made according to the valid price líst of the SVK PK.

Loss of or damage to loaned items

Loss of or damage to loaned items should be reported without delay to the circulation desk. By signing the official report of the loss, the reader is committed to making good the loss in accordance with library regulations. In most cases the library requires an identical edition or copy of the item, unless for serious reasons the head of the open access section decides otherwise. For dealing with cases of loss, the reader will be charged a handling fee for library administration as well as possible additional charges associated with the loss (copying, binding, interlibrary loan, reminders). In the event that the loan period for the lost/damaged item has expired, reporting the loss or damage will not affect the imposition of a fine for the late return of the overdue item.

Returning items elsewhere than to SVK PK sites

HERBIE book box

This is an automatic service for returning books without the need to visit the library in person. It is available to anyone wishing quickly to return a loaned item but unable in the time available to go to the library in person (SVK PK or University of West Bohemia Library).
Follow the instructions on the box, return books one-by-one by placing them in the opening. Books are collected by personnel on every working day. Returned items will be checked out from the user’s account within three working days. For items returned in this fashion there is no printed proof (protocol) of the return.

Book boxes may not be used for:

  • returning CDs – these items must be returned at the loan registration desk only
  • for returning books borrowed via the inter-library loan system

Damaged or incomplete items returned in this fashion will not be checked out from the user’s account. If you deposit books in a box after expiry of the loan period, you will pay the fee for the overdue item on your next visit to the library.
Completion of the transaction may be verified via your user account at the relevant library as well as by e-mail or telephone.

The return of items loaned from the SVK PK can be checked in the catalogue at – reader notice – loan history.

Biblioboxes can be found at the following locations:

  • Klatovská 51 (in front of the Faculty of Education building, 24-hour access)
  • sady Pětatřicátníků 14 (entrance hall to the Faculty of Law, access 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.)
  • Univerzitní 22 (in front of the entrance to the Faculty of Engineering, 24-hour access)
  • Husova 60 (entrance hall of Pilsen central bus terminal – opposite main entrance, access 5 a.m. – 10 p.m.)
  • Bolevecká 30 (on the ground floor of dormitory, 24-hour access – in the evenings by permission of the warden)
  • Nádražní 9 (upper hall of main railway station next to waiting room entrance, access 3.45 a.m.– 11.00 p.m.)
  • We would like to inform you, that biblioboxes do not serve to return books with attachements such as CDs, DVDs etc.

Open access section

This is located on the second floor of the central library.
Books located here are available for immediate loan; it is not possible to order them via the electronic catalogue.
You can place a reservation for any book from the open access section which at the given moment is out on loan. This is done via your account in the online catalogue; you then collect these reserved items at the loan registration on the ground floor.

Library users in the open access section choose the desired items themselves from the shelves. Books are arranged in groups numbered 0-9 according to subject matter; in individual sub-sections arrangement is by format as indicated by the first part of the location number on the left (31A, 31B, 32A, 391A a 392A), then by the sequential location number in ascending order. Belles-lettres items in the belles-lettres room are arranged in alphabetical order according to authors’ surnames.

For better orientation you can use:

  • the electronic catalogue, selecting as the basis for your search Open access books; then under the Order button in the list of copies, you will find in the location column the subject code of the required book and its location number
  • overhead signage
  • colour-coded shelves according to specialist subjects

Loans are completed by the exit to the open access section, either at the staffed loan counter or through self-service. Borrowed books are always returned at the return machine or at the loan registration. Regulations concerning use of the open access section are stated in Conditions of loans. Location of specialised topics – see plan.

You can order a video on VHS media to one of the study rooms and, after picking it up, play it on the player located in the Art Tower. Return VHS media to the library where you borrowed them.

Registration desk

This is located on the ground floor of the central library on the right hand side.

At the loan registration:

  • you collect items ordered and reserved via the electronic catalog, which you can then borrow through Self-check
  • you return all borrowed items via the return machine, including directly borrowed books in an open access section
  • report the loss of or damage to loaned items

The circulation also deals with:

  • through Self-check renewal of loans (also by phone under conditions stated in the Library Regulations) or pay fees (in cash and by card)
  • you order reprographic services, including “Document delivery” (express copying service for articles from periodicals using the Virtual Polytechnic Library)

Interlibrary loan service

This service is provided to library members, public libraries and other institutions. The guarantor of interlibrary services (ILS) is a loan registration. The provision of ILS is governed by the decree on ILS in the CR, internal guideline no. S-5/2010 and the valid price list.

Readers wishing to use the interlibrary service should complete the appropriate form online. 

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