What does the library offer?

Where is the library located?

  • The blind and partially sighted are catered for by the Library for the visually impaired at Jagellonská 491/1
  • in the English Library you will find literature from abroad written in English, focusing predominantly on belles-lettres, literary science, textbooks, preparatory materials for Cambridge examinations, professional English, dictionaries, simplified readers etc. In order to use the library facilities you need a valid user card.
  • in the German and Austrian libraries you will find literature from abroad (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc) written in German, focused on general subjects, as well as textbooks, professional German, dictionaries, children’s literature and simplified readers. In order to use the library facilities you need a valid user card.
  • in the Romance Library you will find literature from abroad written in Spanish and French of foreign origin mainly focused on fiction, literary studies, textbooks, preparation materials for the international language exams DELE and DALF, professional Spanish and French, dictionaries, simplified literature and more. In order to use the library facilities you need a valid user card.
  • The Library for the visually impaired provides services for blind and partially sighted people; it offers works of Czech and world literature on audio cassette and on CD in MP3 format.

I’d like to register

  • If you are over 15 years of age, you only need to visit the central library of the library during opening hours and register at the registration and check-out counter in the entrance hall. You will need to offer proof of identity (in the case of foreigners also a residence permit). If you are 12–15 years of age, registration requires the presence of a legal guardian who proves his/her identity by signing and accepts all the responsibilities for borrowing and services provided to him/her.
  • The conditions for registration are described in the Library Regulations (Article 8.); the fee for registration is stated in the Price list. It is also possible to use a Pilsen card or University of West Bohemia student’s JIS card as a library user card.
  • A one-day pass (10 Kč) is valid only for onsite facilities on the given day. No difference is made between only internet or study in a reading room or study room. The library visitor may use all types of onsite facilities. Prices according to the price list.
  • Valid types of user cards



I’d like to borrow…

  • an item to take away from the premises. This is a circulation loan (loan period 30 (15) days).
  • an item for studying in one of the study rooms in the library building. This is an onsite loan (the item may not be removed from the premises).
  • procedure for circulation loans (further information)
  • procedure for onsite loans (further information)
  • If we don’t have a specific item?

I would like to renew

  • link to video on renewing circulation books
  • loans in study rooms may be renewed via the personnel of the given workplace

How can I connect to the Internet?

When are the libraries open?

  • The current opening hours of individual workplaces can be found here.

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