Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to come borrow / return books and other documents?

Yes, circulation services section/dispensing window is open during normal opening hours, except on Saturdays. Here, the ordered documents from the stocks, open access section, music cabinet and the foreign libraries section are ready for borrowing (it is possible to take them home). It is also possible to return loans from the foreign libraries section here. In site loans cannot be borrowed, study rooms are closed. We prefer to use via biblioboxes to return books, anyone can return them.

Are you open at the weekends?

No, on Saturdays the library is closed until further notice.

How can I order / extend loans?

It is possible to order and extend circulating loans after logging in to your user account. In this way, books and documents from depositories, open shelves, the department of foreign libraries and the music study room can be ordered. Documents ordered before the closing of the library are ready for loan 8 calendar days from the opening of the library (February 16). Loans that are not requested by another reader can be extended. If you are not sure that you can do it, our staff will be happy to help you. In case of problems, contact the loan protocol (tel. +420 377 306 919) between 08:00 and 19:00. Outside this period, it is possible to write to the email address or social networks ( Facebook , Instagram , Twitter ).

I have due loans. What can I do?

Loans that were in due before the closing of the library were not automatically extended and are still reminded (late CZK 2 / day). Borrowed documents must be returned immediately via biblioboxes , the dispensing window in the main building of SVK PK or by post, only then can the further increase in outstanding fees be stopped. Subsequently, it is possible to pay the due fees through your user account. See also the question: When and how can I pay the fees due?

How long after returning documents will a change appear in my user account?

When returning at the window immediately, when returning to the bibliobox within three working days.

Can I visit study rooms?

No, the operation, general study rooms, special study rooms and historical stocks section are temporarily closed for the public. Paper copies of specific articles or chapters of books can be ordered at (CZK 3 / b / w page A4), copies will be sent the following working day by post. Searches can be ordered via the online form and sent to Currently, the date of processing the research is about 1 month.

Can I visit the reading room?

No, the operation of the periodical reading room is temporarily suspended. Paper copies of specific articles can be ordered at, tel. +420 377 306 965 (CZK 3 / b / w page A4). Copies will be mailed the next business day.

When and how can I pay the fees due?

Payment can be made via reader account, (“reader” – “payment transactions” – “click here to pay”). Unpaid fees can also be paid by bank transfer to account No. 26133311/0100, v.s. 444 + ID of the reader (if the reader knows it – it is stated on all calls and reminders).

When and how can I use internet services or use a printer or a copy machine?

Access to the public Internet, copying and printing is temporarily suspended.

Is the foreign libraries section open?

It is possible to request books/documents from foreign libraries book collection via online catalogue and you can pick up requested documents at the circulation services section, central building of the Education and Research Library of the Pilsen Region. Foreign libraries section is being closed for public at the moment.

Is it possible to order a research?

Yes, the research can be ordered via the online form HERE and send to Currently, the deadline for processing the research is about 1 month.

When will it be possible to use the copyrighted content of a digital library?

After the reopening of the reading room, special study room and general study room. Paper copies can be ordered here or price list here. Copies will be sent the next working day through mail.

Is it possible to borrow documents and CDs from the music study room?

Yes, CDs from the music cabinet intended for cirulation lending can be ordered via your user account in the online catalog and picked up the next working day via the dispensing window in the main building.

It is possible to study on the ground floor of Central building?

No, free study zones are temporarily suspended due to the current epidemic contiditions.

Can I renew my membership card or be registered?

Unfortunately, new registration is currently not possible. Extension of the validity of the membership cards is possible by telephone on the number 377 306 919. (Only cashless payment is possible).

Can I order a book or a copy of an article through MVS interlibrary loan services?

Yes, you can, the active interlibrary loan service (ordering from other libraries in the Czech Republic for our readers) is currently working. Only the documents for circulating loans can be made available.

When will I be able to attend an event in the library?

All scheduled events are canceled until the further notice. We will inform you about the resumption of full operation via our website, social networks and other information channels.

Is the café open?

No, the cafe is temporarily closed.

Registration of new library users

If you are interested in using the services of the Study and Research Library of the Pilsen Region, please refer to Article 8 of the ERLPR Library Regulations; fees are in the ERLPR price list.

Who will help with orientation in the library stock?

Advice will be provided free of charge by staff in the general study room (on the ground floor of the building), special study room or open access section on the second floor. If requested, staff will show you how to work with the library’s electronic catalogue. In study rooms and the open access section there is also internet access available.
The majority of ERLPR stock is located in warehouses, from which the required items are ordered. The library catalogues assist with orientation in the stock. Loans are arranged by means of loan protocol. The time for delivery from the warehouse depended on the location where the item is stored.

Does the library have barrier-free access / WC for disabled people?

Yes, barrier-free access is in place. The WC for wheelchair users is located on the ground floor in the rear arched corridor on the left. The key is available on request from the warden’s desk.

Which items may be taken home? - Instruction

Not every item may be taken home (circulation loan). Items intended solely for study on the premises of the ERLPR (onsite loans) include, for example, books issued prior to 1918; books issued in or associated with the Pilsen region if the library possesses only one copy; all newspapers, periodicals and films. In the library catalogue individual items are marked “circulation” (“absenčně”), onsite (“prezenčně”) etc.
Further information on the classification of stock  can be found in the Regulations on loans in the Library Regulations of the ERLPR. Books borrowed from the central library should be returned to the loan registration desk. Items from foreign libraries should be returned to the appropriate library. Fines for overdue books are charged in accordance with the valid price list. Instruction for lending

What can I take home on the same working day?

Until closing time at the library, you can take away reserved items if you have received notice that they are available for collection from the loan registration desk. You may also take items from the open access section on the second floor, books ordered from the depository in the central library, CDs from the music cabinet, copies taken from books, periodicals and newspapers in reference sections of study rooms (periodical reading room, general study room and special study room) or copies of articles from the full text database.

Is self-study possible in the library building?

The loan of items which may not be removed from the premises (i.e. on-site loans), is arranged by the general study room or one of the other study rooms in the central library (periodical reading room, special study room). Study rooms are equipped for copying ERLPR items for a fee according to the valid price list. There are also places for sitting and reading in the open access section on the second floor of the central library, where the whole range of this section is available to you.

Is it possible to borrow periodicals or newspapers to take home?

Periodicals and newspapers may not be removed from the premises. Regular issues from the previous two years are available in the periodical reading room. Approximately 400 titles are available in the free selection reading room on the ground floor of the central library; others on request from the staff of this workstation. Older periodicals and newspapers are stored in the ERLPR warehouses, from which items must be ordered via the online catalogue or a paper application form in one of the study rooms. INSTRUCTIONS for serilas.

How can I order magazines or newspapers?

Titles found in the online catalogue are ordered via your user account. The loan of items which appear exclusively in the paper catalogues is organised by staff in the reading room on the basis of a completed application form, stating the location mark and title of the requested printed matter. The time of delivery from the ERLPR warehouse differs according to location. From the storeroom within the ERLPR building within one hour; from depository storerooms it depends on the schedule. More information will be provided by staff.

Is it possible to obtain hard-copy or electronic copies of articles or sections of books?

Equipment in the study rooms and open access section on the second floor of the central library allows for printed copies of ERLPR items to be made for a fee stated in the valid price list. Copies may not be made of items published before 1918 because of potential damage being caused. Electronic copies are provided exclusively in accordance with law no. 121/2000 and further conditions of licence negotiated between libraries of the Czech Republic and representatives of the collective administrators of authorial rights.

Who will recommend sources related to my topic?

Research services are provided by the special study room workstation.

I have some books which I would like to offer the library

Contact staff at the department for stock administration. E-mail:
We are interested especially in items connected with or published in the Pilsen region; they need not be only books. We would appreciate your sending a list containing the titles, authors and dates of issue of individual items.

I couldn’t find an important/interesting document in the online catalogue

If the book was published before1992, try consulting also the scanned hard-copy catalogue.
Use the possibility of borrowing a book from another library via the inter-library service, which is available at the loan registration counter on the ground floor of the central library. This service can also be used to order copies of articles from other libraries. Assistance with your choice of items is available from the special study room.
Write to us about it in our survey.

Possibility of paying the registration fee via bank transfer

Payment of the registration fee by bank transfer is not possible. Payment must be made in person, accompanied by proof of identity.

Possibility of card payment

You can also pay all your obligations of at least CZK 30 by credit card, both at the cash register in the main building of the SVK PK and online after logging into your reading account in the online catalog (pay only in full) – select “Payment Transactions” from the menu.

Possibility of ordering items from the open access section in the central library or Foreign Libraries Section

This is not possible. Only online reservations may be made for items which at the time are out on loan using your account in the catalogue. These items can then be collected from the loan counter on the ground floor of the central library.

Possibility of returning books from foreign library departments in the central library

Returning books from the English, German or Austrian libraries in the central library is not possible. You may, however, use biblioboxes.

Possibility of borrowing books from other libraries

For readers who are registered with us we offer an inter-library loan service. Assistance in the choice  of  literature related to your topic is available in the special study room.

Do I need a special card for the English, German or Austrian libraries?

No. A user card for the ERLPR is also valid for all the above-mentioned libraries.

Does the English Library also contain American materials?

Yes. Although the stock of English items is primarily of British origin, we do also offer items by American authors.

Is there free entry to events organised by the ERLPR?

Events organised by the library are aimed at the general public and anyone may participate in them. Our events are free of charge. If any entrance fee is to be paid, this is always announced in advance.

Is there an entrance fee for the European House Gallery?

Entrance to all exhibitions at the European House Gallery is free of charge.