The English Library was opened 1st February 2002.

The English Library, along with the Austrian and German libraries is part of the Department of Foreign Libraries of the Education and Research Library of the Pilsen region. It acts on behalf of the British Council, which previously had a branch in Pilsen and with whom it works in close collaboration, including the organisation of Cambridge examinations in English. The library is an independent workplace of the Education and Research Library of the Pilsen Region (SVK PK) based at the Europa House on the Square of the Republic (náměstí Republiky 12). The complete stock of the EL can be found in the electronic catalogue. All services provided are subject to the SVK PK Library Regulations.

For application forms and issuing of user cards, visit the entrance hall of the SVK PK building at Smetanovy sady 2 during opening hours.

Stock of the English Library


In addition to the standard library services, the English Library also offers circulation and on-site loans as well as providing users with the following technical support:

  • video-player for watching films on-site
  • audio equipment for listening to audio books and music
  • (white)board
  • seminar room for about 25 people with small tables. The room may be used free of charge for educational purposes focusing on teachers and schools, e.g. a sample lesson using video or other technical aids (if interested, please call and reserve a slot). The room may also be hired for various seminars or cultural activities.
  • we organise exhibitions, seminars, authorial readings and other cultural activities
  • hiring the video room – price list

Within the framework of on-site services, users may also avail themselves of the following:

  • internet access
  • access to the English Library catalogue
  • copying facilities
  • information service
  • foreign database

These on-site services are offered in the calm and cosy atmosphere of a historical building, where you can enjoy sometime with a book or the daily press.

For further information, please call + 420 377 237 376.

Cambridge examinations

Preparation for language examinations
Group registration
Registration here
Since 2004 the English Library of the SVK PK has been a regional administrator for the internationally acknowledged Cambridge examinations. We deal with registration for and the organisation of these examinations in collaboration with the British Council in Prague. Test your knowledge of English online – Would you like to take an examination but do not know which level to apply for? You can easily found out by trying a free test developed for you by Cambridge University. It is available for download here. From 2015 we also offer the possibility of taking the FCE and CAE examinations online in April and September!!!

General English

Cambridge examinations in general English are among the best known in a global context. They test the four basic language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – as well as practical knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

  • A2 Key – (KET), A2 Key for Schools – (KET)
    the first step for those who are just starting to learn English. Requires about 180–200 hours of study
  • B1 Preliminary – (PET), B1 Preliminary for Schools – (PET)
    examination for lower intermediate students, requires about 380 hours of study
  • B2 First – (FCE), B2 First for Schools – (FCE)
    the most popular examination both in the Czech Republic and around the world, widely recognised both by schools and employers. Aimed at upper intermediate students, it requires about 500–600 hours of study
  • C1 Advanced – (CAE)
  • C2 Proficiency – (CPE)

Business English

Examinations in Business English are aimed at testing the level of knowledge of English used in the fields of trade, services and administration. In order to pass, no specialist knowledge is required since candidates are evaluated primarily on their ability to communicate in the stated areas. The examination is for advanced students. In terms of a knowledge of English, it meets the entrance requirements of most UK universities.

  • B1 Business Preliminary
    lower intermediate examination, whose level of difficulty is equivalent to the PET examination
  • B2 Business Vantage
    upper intermediate examination, whose level of difficulty is equivalent to the FCE examination
  • C1 Business Higher
    advanced examination, whose level of difficulty is equivalent to the CAE examination. In the United Kingdom it is acknowledged by universities for business-related courses of study.

English for studying and stays abroad

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is recognised by the majority of universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States as a language entrance requirement.

  • IELTS – Academic – recommended for those interested in studying at university. The examination is valid for two years. Most universities in the United Kingdom require an overall mark of around 6.5 as a condition of acceptance for university study. More details at:
  • IELTS – General Training – suitable for those interested in attending secondary school in an English speaking country, for participants in courses abroad and for immigration purposes.
Prices for written and electronic exams see here

Fee for written exams Fee for electronic exams Conditions of payment
A2 Key 3 100 CZK B2 First (CB) 4 800 CZK card or transfer
B1 Preliminary 3 200 CZK C1 Advanced (CB) 5 000 CZK payment abroad
B2 First 4 800 CZK money order not accepted
C1 Advanced 5 000 CZK
C2 Proficiency 5 100 CZK
  • fee for late registration: 700 CZK
  • in the case of electronic exams late registration is not possible
  • prices valid until 31. 8. 2024

Useful addresses

British Council

  • organises internationally recognised examinations, English courses in the United Kingdom, …
  • provides information about possibilities of studying and travelling in the United Kingdom, as well as information and materials in English for teachers and students of the language

British Embassy in Prague


U.S point Plzen

Embassy of the United States of America