Contact: Mgr. Lenka Výborná –, 377 306 968, 377 306 919

Interlibrary loan services (ILS)

  • The loan period is set at 45 calendar days.
  • We do not charge postage to libraries.
  • Documents can be picked up and returned in person.

Interlibrary reprographic services

  • To order a copy of the document, use the e-mail address
  • We charge the payment of the costs of transporting the library document, i.e. postage in the amount of the costs actually incurred for 1 shipment and the amount for making copies:
  • black and white copy or A4 printout 3 Kč
    black and white copy or A3 printout 6 Kč
    color copy or A4 printout 10 Kč
    color copy or A3 printout 20 Kč

SVK PK is connected to the Virtual Polytechnic Library system.