This service is provided to library users, public libraries and other institutions (libraries in hospitals, institutes, schools) in possession of a location mark (sigla). The loan registration desk is responsible for ILS. The provision of ILS is governed by the Decree on ILS in the CR, internal guideline no. S-5/2010 and the valid price list. The SVK PK is part of the Virtual Polytechnic Library system.

We accept ILS orders from libraries:

  • by electronic post

Include on the order form:

  • basic bibliographical data
  • identification details of the library – name, address including postcode, telephone, e-mail, IČO, VAT reg. no. (for reprographic work)

In the event of our sending items by post, you will receive an invoice for the service, including postage (see SVK PK price list). We strongly recommend you verify the accuracy of your request in the sources of information available (union catalogues, bibliographical catalogues, scanned catalogues). Keep to the loan period as stated in the guidelines. Return borrowed items by recorded delivery.

When making requests we recommend you provide the source of the citation, i.e. a reference to the source of information concerning the required item e.g. data from the book, article, database, or send this information in an attachment.

For ILS fees, see the price list.

Explanatory notes

The location mark of the library – known as “sigla” – is issued on request:

Národní knihovna ČR

Oddělení pro souborné katalogy

Klementinum 190

110 01 Praha 1


Basic biographical data to be included on the application form when ordering include:

  • monographs
    • name of author
    • title
    • place, publisher, year published
    • number of pages
    • ISBN
  • articles from periodicals
    • name of periodical (subtitle)
    • volume, year, number
    • author of article
    • title of article
    • number of pages
    • ISSN
  • articles from conference proceedings
    • title of proceedings (subtitle)
    • place, publisher, year published
    • author of article
    • number of pages