In the context of law no. 257/2001 on libraries, the Education and Research Library of the Pilsen Region fulfils the role of a regional library. It ensures the functioning and coordination of selected entrusted libraries in the region. These regional functions consist in professional library work as defined in law no. 257/2001: “… functions within the framework of which the regional library and other libraries entrusted to it provide basic libraries in the region with primarily advisory, educational and coordination services, build up exchangeable stock and lend exchangeable volumes of library items as well as performing other essential tasks which help the development of libraries and their public function as libraries and information services.”

The range of services offered may differ in individual regions and depends on the given situation in the library system, the demand and above all the level of financing available. The provision of these services meets the recommended standards for such regional functions (viz Methodological instruction of the Czech Ministry of Culture ČR for ensuring the operation of regional libraries and their coordination within the Czech Republic).

The aim of regional work is to guarantee the availability and quality of public library and information services in accordance with professional standards, support effective division of work and coordinate professional library work and effective use of public finances.

The Education and Research Library of the Pilsen Region fulfils these regional functions:

  • coordination of regional library work in close collaboration with the Pilsen Regional Authority, National Library of the CR and Ministry of Culture of the CR
  • advisory and consultation work, methodological visits, plans, analysis
  • statistics of library work
  • publications focusing on the methodology of librarianship
  • training librarians, seminars and meetings

Further tasks are agreed upon with the entrusted library:

  • purchase and processing of library stock for public libraries in the region, established and funded from the budget of the region or operators (local authorities)
  • creation of exchangeable stock, its circulation and distribution
  • assistance in revising and updating library stock
  • advisory and consultation work
  • supplementary training for librarians from volunteer libraries

In the Pilsen region the regional function is provided by the following entrusted libraries on the basis of an agreement:

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