Connecting to the Internet

  • The basic screen allows access to SVK PK pages and the online catalogue.
  • In order to access other pages, you need to log in as a user.
  • In the log-in window, for name, enter the number of your user card (e.g. 263P123456).
  • If instead of a user card you use a University of West Bohemia JIS card or a Pilsen Card, follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Next enter your password.
    If you have not yet changed your password, it is the same as your birth number (e.g. DD.MM.YYYY).
  • Confirm by pressing OK.

Central library

  • Open study zone
    There are sixteen workstations with Internet access available on the ground floor of the central library.
    These stations enable printing at the check-out desk in the entrance hall.
    When collecting printed material, state the number of the computer you were using.
    Fees for printing are charged according to the price list.
  • General study room
    In the hall of the study room there is one computer with access to the database of norms.
  • Reading room
    The computer allows access to licensed library databases. It is not for free Internet access.
  • Special study room
    Three computers for library users with free Internet access and one restricted to the licensed library database.
  • Open access section
    Internet access is also available on three computers on the second floor. Printing is possible via the staff in the open access section.

Foreign libraries

Library for Blind

  • Library for Blind
    The Library for the visually impaired at 491/1 Jagellonská street has one computer with free Internet access.


  • In the central library it is possible to connect to the Wi-Fi network using one’s own notebook or tablet in the open study zone, general study room or open access area.
    Access is also possible in the foreign libraries at náměstí Republiky 12.


  • Public use of the Internet is subject to SVK PK regulations (viz Library Regulations, art. 13, Rules for use of computers with Internet access and electronic sources of information).
  • On Saturdays computers operate only in the open study zone and open access section.

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