Electronic catalogue in the ALEPH system

  • contains records of all types of items (books, periodicals, newspapers, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, VHSs, MCs, LPs) except for Czech technical norms and patent documents issued after 1990. Older items are being processed in stages. At present this catalogue includes more than half the library stock.
  • The “basis for search” contains separately listed catalogues of serial publications, open access books, e-series, foreign libraries, general study room and the music cabinet
  • The “Database” is an independently accessible database of articles in regional periodicals and of personalities from the region
  • online access

Scanned catalogue SVK PK

  • scanned papers listed by name (general catalogue – GK) and museum catalogue (MK)
  • sheets are arranged in individual drawers in alphabetical order according to authors’ surnames or, if no author is given, then according to the title. Further information is available in individual catalogues.
  • for use in the event that you cannot find your item in the electronic catalogue
  • online access

Uniform Information Gateway (UIG)

  • simultaneous search in catalogues of both Czech and foreign libraries, union catalogues and full text databases
  • easy to find required books or articles from 172 databases, entries containing information about the library from which it is possible to borrow the required item
  • further information
  • online access

Union Catalogue of the CR (CASLIN)

  • the catalogue provides information about the stock of more than 380 Czech libraries. At present it contains more than six million entries of Czech and foreign books, periodicals and newspapers, together with information about the libraries from which it is possible to borrow the required item
  • further information
  • online access

Union Catalogue of Public Libraries (SKAT)

  • the catalogue provides information about the stock of public libraries in the Association of LANius Library System Users
  • contains lists primarily of professional literature, almost no belles-lettres, poetry or drama, with information on the library from which it is possible to borrow the item
  • further information
  • online access

Digital Library

  • licensed access to electronic copies of regional newspapers from the library stock

Titles in alphabetical order

Titles chronologically

Further information

  • in accordance with law no. 121/2000 (authorial law) we provide only paper copies of these digitised titles
  • we offer paper copies up to A3 format; in the event that the digital facsimile is in colour, we also provide copies in colour up toA3 format (prices according to the valid price list).

The first phase of digitisation of a further 35 regional newspaper titles from library stock has been completed. The titles in question are:

Buffalo chips 1945, Cue Em 1945, Česká demokracie 1918–1919, Český kraj 1915–1919, Český směr 1919–1935, Český směr 1936–1940, Český venkov 1914, Český západ 1908–1939, Den 1948, Deník Plzeňska 1924–1930, Hlas Plzeňska 1928–1934, Náš cíl 1920–1924, Naše snahy 1921, Naše snahy 1898–1915, Naše snahy 1935–1936, Nová Plzeň 1889–1893, Nové Plzeňské noviny 1889–1893, Nový den 1945–1948, Plzeňské nezávislé listy 1899–1905, Plzeňské rozhledy 1903–1905, Plzeňský kraj 1907–1914, Plzeňský kraj 1919–1942, Plzeňský věstník 1897–1908, Plzeňský svět 1929–1930, Rokycansko 1968–1969, Směr 1909–1915, Stráž 1919–1920, Stráž českého západu 1945–1947, Svobodný směr 1945–1948, Tricolor times 1945, Týden 1921–1941, Večerní Plzeň 1968–1970, Věstník Ústředního národního výboru statutárního města Plzně a Okresního národního výboru Plzeň-venkov 1947–1949, Západočeský večerník 1938–1939, Zprávy Okresního národního výboru v Plzni 1945–1945

Hybrid copying of items was realised within the framework of the project ICT Pilsen region technological centre services – sections I, III, IV and V of Task no. 08 “Development of eGovernmentu services in the regions“ within the framework of the Integrated Operational Programme (IOP). Project registration number CZ.1.06/2.1.00/08.07231.

The following months will see the processing of digital files according to the standards of the National Digital Library.

  • access from the library – special study room, general study room and periodical reading room
  • remote access from home not permitted for reasons of licensing


Anopress – media database

  • over 600 czech newspapers and magazines since 1996 in full texts
  • full texts of selected czech television and radio programs (500 hours per month)
  • further information
  • remote access

ASPI – Automated System of Legal Information

  • full text of Czech laws from the 19th century, full versions of professional articles on legal topics, ministry regulations, local government regulations – for regions, findings of the Constitutional Court
  • further information
  • access from the library – special study room
  • remote access from home not permitted for reasons of licensing

Bibliomedica DVD – Bibliographia Medica Čechoslovaca

  • bibliographical entries of articles and monographs on health topics and related areas
  • records from 1976, updated quarterly
  • further information
  • access from the library – special study room
  • remote access from home – freely available database

Czech National Bibliography DVD

ČSN Online

  • all valid Czech technical norms (ČSN) and outdated ČSN since 1996 in PDF format
  • further information
  • access from the library – general study room, special study room
  • printing not possible
  • remote access from home not permitted for reasons of licensing


EZB Regensburg

Journal Citation Reports

PressReader / Library PressDisplay

  • online access to more than 4 000 newspapers and periodicals from 100 countries in 60 languages from the last three months
  • possibility of printing, listening and translation online
  • online access via the library network

ProQuest Central

  • social sciences and humanities, business, economics, management, natural sciences (agronomy, biology, environment etc), technology, medicine
  • access to the database during the period 2013–2019 was funded by the project STMFull: plnotextové databáze pro výzkum a vývoj (CZ.1.05/3.2.00/12.0232) co-financed by the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic – further information
  • online access

ProQuest Ebook Central

  • e-books published by Karolinum Press, especially in the Czech language for both online and offline use
  • downloaded e-book can be copy from your computer up to 5 other devices
  • you can print max. 60 pages of one book
  • books are also accessible from the library catalog
  • instructions
  • online access

Web of Science

  • multi-disciplinary
  • bibliographical information concerning articles, authors, content and references, number of citations, editorial information
  • entries from 7 500 impact periodicals of predominantly Anglo-American origin
  • information on the database
  • online access

ANL: Analytical list of periodicals

REOS : regional personalities

West Bohemian Personalities Calendar

Every year the database generates a Personalities Calendar. To see a review of entries for individual months you can use the “Specify” button and enter a more detailed query.