• onsite loans from the reference library, publications available in the open access section, items kept at the librarian’s desk are available on request
  • onsite loan of printed items from library stock
  • onsite study of Czech technical norms issued up to 31.12.2005
  • access to the database of valid Czech technical norms in the format PDF ČSN Online
  • accepting applications for onsite study of historical stock in the research study room
  • registration of individual visits in the research study room
  • onsite loans on the basis of special conditions
  • self-service paper copy facilities of up to 10 pages size A4 – A3 using large format book scanner or traditional copying machine; we cater for larger orders in the reprographic department
  • Wi-Fi Internet is subject to rules stated in art. 13. of the Library Regulations. Information on technical parameters of Wi-Fi in the general study room: user’s own mobile device (notebook, PDA etc) with HW meeting norms IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g; the device receives IP configuration from the DHCP server; SSID: SVKPL; speed depends on the version: IEEE – 802.11b (11 Mb/s) or IEEE – 820.11g (54 Mb/s); only http and https protocols permitted; communication is unencrypted; two Wi-Fi adapters are available, one for USB device and one for PCMCIA card
  • onsite listening to LPs, CDs and DVDs containing both classical and popular music as well as the spoken word


  • the reference library contains approximately 5 400 volumes of basic literature from all branches of knowledge, including Czech and foreign specialised encyclopaedias, biographies, definition and language dictionaries
  • electronic catalogue
  • Czech database
  • digitized documents of the regional book collection in the Kramerius system – full access can only be used from computers in the library network
  • Electronic periodicals – to access the full text of articles highlighted in yellow, it is necessary to use the list on a computer within the library network
  • scanned catalogue SVK PK

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