Search facilities

  • processing lists of articles , publications, patents etc. on a given topic, using both printed and electronic sources of information.
    • computer search – time of processing – while you wait
    • combined search (processed on the basis of paper catalogues, published bibliographies, direct extracts from periodicals, journals and other sources of information) – time of processing – by agreement. A combined search may be arranged in person or by post or fax, using the form below. It is necessary to complete all the required information on the form and add your personal signature. This is a paid service – see price list for details.

Regional information

  • processing of bibliographical and factual queries concerning events in West Bohemia, both past and present
  • search by the special study room
  • onsite loan of regional items from library stock
  • onsite loans from the reference library
  • onsite loans of regional periodicals for the last two years from the reference library regional bibliography
  • consultations

Regional Patent Centre

  • Onsite loans of patent literature
    • complete stock of Czech and Czechoslovak patent records and authors’ testimonies, plus supplementary literature (bulletins, classifications, professional monographs …)
  • Processing information searches from the stock of SVK PK patent records and online database. This search is not a substitute for the work of experts in the field of industrial design rights
  • Copying of patent records
    • in person
    • sending copies at user’s request
  • Presentation of and access to the database of the Industrial Property Office in Prague
  • Information and consultations
    • industrial property protection, methodology of search processing
    • guided tours and lectures for students (booking required)

Other services

  • public Internet – bibliographical and factual information via the WWW. The public internet is governed by rules for using the internet and electronic sources of information in the SVK PK (viz art. 13 of the Library Regulations: Rules for use of computers with internet access and electronic sources of information)
  • reference facilities link or mediating services and sources of other information agencies
  • expert consultation service for analysing particular topics (search for sources of information)
  • access to:
  • onsite loans from the reference library
  • onsite loans from library stock
  • self-service copy facilities for up to 10 pages; larger orders are dealt with in the reprographics section, including A3 format
  • onsite listening to LPs, CDs and DVDs containing both classical and popular music as well as the spoken word


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