An on-site loan means that an item may not be removed from the premises and can be read only in the relevant building.

Items which may be removed from the premises are loaned out by means of circulation services.



Choice of items

is linked to various catalogues. You can search for required items:

  • in the hard-copy catalogues (by name, topic, or systematic labelling) compiled 1950–1997; the name catalogue is also available as a scanned version
  • in the electronic catalogue (documents entered into the stock since 1991 catalogue and others electronically processed additionally; now more than half the library stock in total), which also allows for ordering online
  • in the museum catalogue (compiled 1907–1952), the catalogue of names is available as a scanned version, the hard-copy version is located in the internet study room on the ground floor of the building

All book catalogues are available in the central library of the library. When looking in the hard-copy catalogues make a precise note of the label (symbols in the top right-hand corner of the entry) of the requested documents for when ordering later.

Ordering items

You can order required items online using the electronic catalogue at, at self-service workstations at the open shelves on the second floor of the building or on any device connected to the internet. In the event of difficulties with ordering online, it is also possible in one of the study rooms (general study room, reading room, special study room) via the staff on duty. In the event you can find the required item only in the paper catalogue, place your order in one of the study rooms.

Using the electronic catalogue it is possible to order a maximum of five items per day in the study rooms; further items may be ordered via the librarian in one of the study rooms.

Issuing ordered items, loan period

Ordered items are loaned to you for a period of 14 days in the study room which you select when making your request or which you visit in person when requesting an item not in the electronic catalogue. Once the loan period has expired, items are returned to the depository. The maximum number of loans in all study rooms is 5 items.

Extension of loans

Loans in study rooms may be extended only via the librarian on duty in the study room from which the item was borrowed. A loan will not be extended if the item in question has been requested by another library user. Loans in study rooms may not be extended online via your user account.

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