The SVK PK has obtained four collections, items from which may be borrowed only onsite. The publications are listed in the paper catalogues and in the scanned version according to names, as well as partially in the electronic catalogue. The location mark of the item indicates its categorisation within individual collections: the Ladislav Lábek collection is marked 20A, the Emil Felix collection 20B, the Antonín Špelda collection 20C and the Vladimír Hubka collection 20D. The content of the collections was influenced by those who owned the books.

Felix, Emil, 1889–1956

b. 23.11.1889 in Ko­loveč near Domažlice, d. 12.10.1956 in Pilsen. PhDr., secondary school teacher, literary historian, critic, literature from his field. After finishing grammar school in Domažlice studied Slavonic Studies and German Studies. From 1918 worked at the Business Academy in Pilsen. His historical literary work focused on Pilsen (e.g. Literární Plzeň v obrysech) and the Chodsko region (Chodsko v našem písemnictví). Size of collection: 6 788 volumes (prefix 20B), deposited in SVK PK stock as a full set.

Documentation of collection: Inventory. HLADÍKOVÁ, Klára. Knihovna Emila Felixe : knihovna v knihovním fondu Studijní a vědecké knihovny Plzeňského kraje. Plzeň : Západočeská univerzita, 2010. 64 pp.

Detailed description of collection: predominantly Czech, then German and some others. Literary science, history of literature, Czech and foreign history, poetry (collections by Czech writers of the time, e.g. J.S. Machar, V. Nezval, A. Sova, J. Vrchlický, J. Zeyer etc.), Czech prose and foreign translators or in German, Czech drama texts and foreign translations. Writings of E. Felix and J.F. Hruška. Periodicals (e.g. Zvon, Lumír, Máj, Besedy Času, Český lid apod.). Some tourist guides and annual reports of Czech schools.

Hubka, Vladimír, 1924–2006

b. 29.3.1924 in Police nad Metují, d. 29.9.2006 in the Czech Republic. Engineer, provided the foundation of a new scientific discipline – theory of technical systems. Political prisoner 1957-1960. From 1968 worked at universities in Denmark (Lyngby) and Switzerland (Zurich). Author of scientific publications (translated into 13 world languages). President of the International Science Society for Construction Design (Workshop Design-Konstruktion). Also known as Chubka, Vladimir. Size of collection: cca 1 161 volumes (prefix 20D), deposited in SVK PK stock as a full set.

Documentation of collection: electronic catalogue.

Detailed description of collection: Czech, German, Russian, French, English. Mathematics, technology, cybernetics, some foreign dissertations. Proceedings from conferences, at which Hubka presented.

Kruliš-Randa, Otokar, 1890–1958

b. 28. 4.1890 in Prague, d. 14.2.1958 v Mírov. General manager of the Mining and Metallurgic Company 1927-1941. From 1939 president of Central Union of Industrialists in Bohemia and Moravia. Worked at the National Economy Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and at the Mining College in Příbram (1931 honourable doctorate in technical sciences). Propagator and patron of Czechoslovak chess (1940-1945 head of the Central Union of Czechoslovak Chess Players). Imprisoned 1948-1950, 1953-1958. Size of collection: 3 893 volumes according to review dated 28.1.2002, collection previously dispersed within the book stock (i.e. lacking its own separate location mark), later taken to the historical stock workplace (volumes up to 1800) and general warehouse (volumes from 1801 onwards).

Documentation of collection: Předávací seznam. BRODSKÝ, Pavel. Rukopisy Otakara Kruliše-Randy in the National Museum Library. In: Miscellanea oddělení rukopisů a starých tisků. Praha : Národní knihovna, 1990, pp. 19–30. ISBN 80–7050–084–0. BUBEN, Milan. Kruliš-Randové. Střední Evropa. 1991, vol. 7, no. 20, pp. 163–167. GRUND, Antonín. Otakar Kruliš-Randa bibliofil. Český bibliofil. 1939, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 88–91. HÁLOVÁ, Marie. Zámecká knihovna Otokara Kruliše-Randy z velkostatku Defurovy Lažany [typewritten]. Plzeň : Státní vědecká knihovna, 2nd November 1999. 3 pp. HÁLOVÁ, Marie a LANGHAMMER, Jan. Knihovna Otakara Kruliše-Randy : exlibris, supralibros a razítka v části Krulišovy knihovny. In: Sborník pro exlibris a drobnou grafiku. Praha: Spolek sběratelů a přátel exlibris, 2012, pp. 48–55. ISBN 978–80–904444–5–4. CHROMÝ, Mojmír a KUČERA, František. Heraldické památky Vyšehradu. In: Heraldická ročenka 1984. Praha: Česká numismatická společnost, pp. 39–64. O rodovém erbu Randů pp. 58–60. KLAUSNEROVÁ, Eva. Prvotisky Státní vědecké knihovny v Plzni. Plzeň: Státní vědecká knihovna, 1990. Rejstřík prvotisků z knihovny Otokara Kruliše-Randy, pp. 191–193. ISBN 80–85093–02–0. ŘEHÁČEK, Karel. Konfiskace majektu Otokara Kruliše-Randy a jeho rodiny pro roce 1945. In: Sborník prací z historie a dějin umění : Klatovsko. Sv. 5. Klatovy : Galerie Klatovy / Klenová, 2008, pp. 267–282. ISBN 978–80–87013–15–1.

Detailed description of collection: Czech, also German and other languages of Central and Western Europe. Mathematics, natural sciences (especially mycology), agriculture, history, history of art, genealogy, literature, philosophy and book science. First editions 55 items, 550 old editions from 16th-18th century (16th century 130 volumes, 17th century 110 volumes, 18th century 310 volumes), 500 volumes from 19th century and cca. 2 600 volumes from first half of 20th century. Also periodicals. Collection obtained by State Research Library following the decision of the Regional National Committee in Pilsen ref. no.9287/51, a definite decision on confiscation was taken in 1956. The state archive in Horšovský Týn acquired 171 volumes in 1956. 32 manuscripts were donated by O. Kruliš-Randa to the National Museum in Prague in 1952. During an inventory in the 1950s, 200 items were discarded as worthless and 300 were not listed as they were only fragments of periodicals; 230 items were donated to other libraries. Of the libraries approached, only the Pilsen City Library returned four items and nine items were returned by the National Pedagogical Library of J.A. Komenský in Prague.

Lábek, Ladislav, 1882–1970

b. 27.1.1882 in Pilsen, d. 26.5.1970 in Pilsen. Cultural historian, topographer and ethnographer of the Pilsen region. Founder and long-serving manager of the Pilsen Ethnographic Museum. His work consists of hundreds of books, studies and professional articles. Size of collection: cca 2 000 volumes (prefix 20A), recorded in SVK PK stock as a complete whole (items published up to 1860 are located at the historical stock workplace).

Documentation of collection: Místní katalog. ŠRAJBOVÁ, Magda. Knihovna Ladislava Lábka : (seminární práce). Praha : Univerzita Karlova, 1996. 28 pp., 4 pic., app. ŠRAJBOVÁ, Magda. Lábkova knihovna ve Státní vědecké knihovně v Plzni. In 50 let Státní vědecké knihovny v Plzni : studie – data – vzpomínky. Plzeň : Státní vědecká knihovna, 2000, pp. 137–144.

Detailed description of collection: predominantly Czech, some German, Latin and French, English and Italian. Czech history, history and theory of art, applied art, literary science, catalogues of auctions and antiquarian bookshops. Czech prose especially up to the first half of the 19th century. Titles related to Pilsen. Also two first editions, 130 old editions, more than 1 000 items from the 19th century and over 1 500 publications from the first half of the 20th century. Incomplete series of periodicals (Kwěty, Numismatické listy, Mladá stráž, Numismatický časopis československý, Otavan).

Špelda, Antonín, 1904–1989

b. 12.3.1904 in Švihov u Klatov, d. 12.10.1989. RNDr., DrSc., musicologist, work in the field, also wrote works on physics and mathematics. Music critic and theoretician, physicist and pedagogue. Graduated from Faculty of Natural Sciences at Charles University, taught at grammar schools and Faculty of Education in Pilsen. Head of music department at Pilsen local radio, author of a number of studies concerning music, physics and acoustics. Size of collection: 583 volumes (prefix 20C), deposited in SVK PK stock as a full set.

Documentation of collection: Místní katalog. ČEČILOVÁ, Lenka. Knihovna Antonína Špeldy: seminární práce. Praha : ÚISK FF UK 2006. 19 pp.

Detailed description of collection: predominantly Czech, other languages peripherally. Music theory, music pedagogy, history of the theatre, physics, mathematics, tourist guides, music sheets. Several notes and dedications.