Regional stock is updated to the maximum possible extent regularly and retrospectively. It includes books, magazines, newspapers, music sheets, CDs, CD ROMs, DVDs, video-cassettes, updated regularly and retrospectively.

It consists of the following stock:

  • content-wise focused on events in West Bohemia
  • works from publishers based in West Bohemia
  • works by well-known local people from all branches
  • biographies and autobiographies of well-known local people
  • recordings by groups from the region
  • proceedings from symposia and conferences held in West Bohemia

One edition is intended for use onsite. It is possible to loan offsite duplicates of monographs published after 1918.

Regional literature is listed in paper catalogues, in scanned name catalogues and partially in the electronic catalogue. The microfilming and digitisation of regional periodicals is being done with the aim of protecting the original. The majority of Czech Pilsen newspapers in the original are no longer loaned out, being accessible only on microfilm or in digital form on the SVK PK server. The microfilm reader is located in the periodical reading room on the ground floor. Paper copies are available for a fee.