The aim of new automated services of our library is to speed up checking-in/out of your requests for returning and borrowing items. The whole process is comfortable and easy to use. Our staff is available at your disposal more than any time before. The self-check process is easy. A user inserts all borrowed items to a returning machine where these items are divided according to their chips into the relevant boxes. A Reader is immediately informed about a potential payment/delay fine which can be paid cash or by a credit card via another self-check. The length of borrowing of each item can be prolonged here too. With the use of another self-check, ordered books can be picked up. They will be prepared in shelves according to user´s ID number and the first letter of user´s surname (e.g.: John Brown + ID123456 = B 123456).

Returning of the item (return self-check)

  1. Push one document at a time in the opening, book spine first.
  2. Green light indicates a properly returned document.
  3. After finishing returning you can print a receipt.
  4. Consider printing no receipt and save trees. 😊
  5. If a document will not return speak to a member of staff.

Borrowing of the item (self-check)

  1. Pick up reserved documents on the shelve according to your ID number and first letter of your surname.
  2. Load your card using barcode or chip.
  3. Put all the items on the scan desk.
  4. Every borrowed item is marked with a green light.
  5. Choose DONE.
  6. You can print a receipt to confirm the items you have borrowed.
  7. Recommendation: send the receipt to your email and save trees. 😊

Renewing of the item (self-check)

  1. Choose RENEW from the menu.
  2. Load your card using barcode or chip.
  3. Mark requested items.
  5. If operation is done, choose DONE.

Making payment (self-check)

  1. Load your card using barcode or chip.
  2. Choose ACCOUNT from the menu.
  3. Window “Account summary” shows all CHARGES.
  4. Press CHARGES and choose the payment method (selected machines allow cash payment).
  5. The receipt will be automatically printed after payment.

If you are facing any problem speak to a member of staff. THANK YOU. 😊



We are introducing the self-service system (video)

Published: 21. 3. 2022

Last update: 30. 3. 2022