Education and Research Library of the Pilsen Region, Allowance Organisation
Specialized workplaces and Bory depository
Klatovská tř. 200b
301 00   Plzeň


  • organizes revisions of SVK PK library collections in accordance with valid legal regulations and realizes control and coordination of revision works
  • proposes an annual plan for the revision of library collections and prepares documents for the protocol on the revision of the library collection of the past year
  • participates in the physical review of all types of documents
  • participates in the retrospective conversion of library catalogs
  • writes off all documents proposed for exclusion from the library collection and manages all the agenda associated with sending the offer of discarded literature to libraries in the region and the whole Czech Republic according to the Library Act
  • closes cataloging records in case of depreciation from the collection of the last copy of the document in the SVK PK catalog and reports depreciation in the union catalog of the National Library of the Czech Republic
  • provides consultations for the implementation of revision work to SVK PK staff and libraries in the region and addresses automation issues related to the revision of the library collection