Education and Research Library of the Pilsen Region, Allowance Organisation
Department of stock supplementation and library collection processing
Klatovská tř. 200b
301 00   Plzeň


The creation of library collections is ensured by the acquisition workplace in cooperation with all departments and professional workplaces.

  • monitors domestic and foreign offers of publishers and distributors (eg. Book News, Kosmas, Pemic, OPA…)
  • selects and orders titles from distributors and publishers
  • obtains documents in several ways:
    • on purchases from publishers, distributors and private individuals
    • on a mandatory copy, which includes non-periodical publications published in the region and periodicals published in the Czech Republic
    • on donations, for example, from publishers, private individuals and cultural institutions of foreign embassies (Goethe-Institute, Austrian Cultural Institute, British Council and Alliance Francaise, Cervantes Institute and others)
    • in exchange from domestic and foreign partner libraries
  • stores data about new additions and growth in the automated library system ALEPH
  • plans and evaluates the supplementation of library collections
  • processes of library documents are provided by the cataloging workplace in the cooperation with other professionals
  • professionally processes newly acquired documents (except manuscripts, old prints)
  • performs nominal and factual (subject and systematic) cataloging of book collections; processing is carried out in an accordance with international standards (MARC 21, RDA, AACR2R, ISBD, MDT MRF, Konspekt) and national authorities
  • creates and maintains an electronic catalogue
  • creates and maintains nominal and factual access registers of the electronic catalogue
  • ensures and coordinates the retrospective conversion of library catalogs into electronic catalogues
  • cooperates in the project of building national nominal and factual authorities
  • is a participant in the Union Catalog of the Czech Republic (CASLIN) and the project of the portal
  • provides training and methodological activities in the field of nominal and factual processing of documents within the Pilsen region

Current legal regulations influencing the supplementation of library collections

Act No. 37/1995 Coll. on non-periodical publications
– imposed on the publisher the obligation to submit, inter alia, 1 regional mandatory copy to the locally competent regional library according to the publisher’s registered office.
supplemented by Act No. 320/2002 Coll. on the amendment and repeal of certain acts in connection with the termination of the activities of district authorities (Part 22 Amendment to Act No. 37/1995 Coll., on non-periodic publications, Article XXII) and
Implementing Decree of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic No. 156/2003, which stipulated the Education and Research Library of the Pilsen Region as the recipient of the mandatory copy for publishers based in the Pilsen Region and the bidding obligation for all publishers outside the region.
Act No. 46/2000 Coll. Press Act and its amendment Act No. 302/2000 Coll. and Implementing Decree of the Ministry of Culture No. 182/2001. Article 1 of Act No. 302/2000 stipulates that publishers are obliged to send every issue of the periodical to the Study and Scientific Library of the Pilsen Region free of charge at their own expense.